How to create the life of your dreams

(blah blah. This is a ‘try & error’ guide of how to make fear your fucking friend.)

Have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever had an impossible dream? Well, welcome to my world.

I was overlooked so many times, I thought I will brand my name as Ms. Cellophane.

But being invisible means something else too. You don’t have to bend the knee, to shrink, to do what others want. Because, you know, they don’t care either way.

It means that you have a huge power. To choose, to decide what you want and go for it. If you succeed, you will know the taste of the greatest victory. And if you fail, at least you will fail while daring greatly (and yeas! it will hurt like hell).

I am here to share my LOVE into your INBOX -> so, welcome to my #LOVEBox. Which means:

Once a week, you will receive one email with –

  • Fears, worries, failures, mistakes, magical places – stories from my adventures into this world – I’ve got it all covered. (weird stuff, too).
  • Invisible Us Q&A – ask me your most daring, hottest questions and I am here for you with everything I’ve ever learned and understood. Pick my control freak brain, so to speak. You are welcome!
  • you know those people who felt invisible and small (and dealt with great shit in their lives), but they somehow got up and move on? I am going after that HOW with the most random, adventurous, crazy people in the world.
  • shits I create and you’ll be crazy to buy (or hate). Ha!

Beyond that, you will receive a good portion of inspiration, true love, and a pinch of salty ideas about business and how to use your natural talents to transform your dreams into reality (and how to not give a fuck about something else).

* Don’t like my voice, my F-words, and my crazy vision? No problem. You can unsubscribe in a sec. 

There is great love in here for you. You are complete. My business is just to punch you in your face with the fucking obvious.